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“Thank you ever so much for my operation. It has helped my back and I have got my confidence back. You have done a really good job. Thank you for your help.” Nicolle.  Breast Reduction. Sept 2009

“Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. You have been brilliant. Love SR.” Breast Augmentation. Oct 2009

“Hello, this email is by way of a formal “thank you” to the Spire Alexandra Hospital and consultant surgeon Mr Orkar. I underwent Bilateral Breast Augmentation surgery April, 2010 and I am recovering well. I have today tried on some clothes previously discarded in my wardrobe, these clothes now fit much better and are far more flattering. It took many weeks for me to make a decision about undergoing surgery and I am now glad I did. Please pass my thanks to Mr Orkar. The wounds have healed wonderfully!” TO

“I was so scared of having my face pulled very tight. You did put me at ease at my consultation as we discussed a natural looking facelift. I am so pleased with my result. I look just myself, ONLY 10 YEARS YOUNGER! I will recommend you to anyone.” JMC. Facelift and eyelid reduction. Aug 2010

“Thank you so much for the wonderful work you did on my breast reduction. After 19 years, I have my femininity back and I feel absolutely great.”  RW. Breast Reduction. Feb 2011

“Thank you very much for my lovely new boobies.” Jodie
Breast Augmentation Aug 2011

“I went into Spire Alexandra Hospital last year for a tummy tuck operation after loosing weight which was gained during my last pregnancy sometime ago- resulting in being left with a lot of redundant skin. I gave birth by C-section to a 10 and half pound baby. The Hospital reception staff were friendly with a lovely smile on their face. (Just what I needed as I was quite anxious). My room was very comfortable and the Nurses on the ward were very friendly and helpful, and also spoke in a polite manner. My surgeon was Mr Sam Orkar who in my opinion is not only a wonderful surgeon but a real Gent. His friendly and down to earth approach puts one at ease instantly and he always only has the very best interest of his patients at heart. He’s a very good listener too. Infact, I have come up against quite a few surgeons over the years but have yet to find one who matches up to Mr Orkar. I was looked after very well during my stay, and the result of my tummy tuck has exceeded all my expectations. After coming round from my operation I was amazed to find that I was pain free. Infact I didn’t experience any pain at all. I personally think it was all down to the careful hands of my Surgeon Mr Orkar whilst carrying out the surgery. My husband said the surgery that Mr Orkar performed on my tummy is the work of a genius. For me, it has changed my life. I’m much more a confident person and feel very happy with myself. Ha, ha. No more walking out in all weather wearing a coat big enough to hide my tummy. I’m now walking tall with a smile on my face. Everyday is now sunshine for me regardless of the weather. I would also highly recommend a tummy tuck at the Spire Alexandra Hospital to anyone out there who is not quite sure of doing so. For me it was the best decision I ever made. Goodluck and God bless.
Mr Orkar, Thank you so much for all the surgery, which you performed on me. Thank you so much for my beautiful new tummy. Words are inadequate as to how ‘BEYOND HAPPY’ I feel.
You are without a doubt a wonderful surgeon and I am truly grateful to have had the pleasure of meeting you. I shall be forever grateful to you and will remember you always. Best wishes, from a ‘beyond happy’ patient.” BP Abdominoplasty October 2010
Multiple Site Liposuction Sept 2011

“I’d like to say a big thank you regarding my ear op! I’m really pleased with the results.” HO Correction of prominent ears Sept 2011

“I am so thrilled with the results of my surgery. I wish I did it much earlier. I have shown my boobs to so many people. My surgeon, Sam Orkar has been absolutely brilliant and I have received excellent care at the McIndoe Surgical Centre.” SR. Breast uplift and Implants. Sept 2011

“I am over the moon with my ‘new’ nose. The hump is gone and the tip is lovely and I still look like me!” PB. Rhinoplasty Dec 2011